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We have moved to Virtual Training for you! 

Continue your learning and development, at the comfort of your office or home or anywhere. Experience the same impact, thanks to our experts who have been doing this for ages. 

And, in fact, it can be more affordable! 

No Compromise in Learning Experience

Our Virtual Training tools and infrastructure used by our experts here will make sure that you get the same experience of learning as you have always enjoyed with us. 

In-fact, it’s more convenient and flexible. And, guess what , you can record your session! 

No Compromise on Quality

You will use the official books, labs and assignments from our international vendors – Microsoft, AWS, Blockchain Council, EC Council and more. And our team will help you in exam preparation, like they always did. We will help you become a Globally recognized certified professional, like we always do.

Testimonials From Our Clients

The below testimonials are from Mr. John Mathew, the Head of Talent Management at EK Kanoo Training Centre and from one of our many students, Mr. Kamlesh Sharma, Senior ICT Specialist at IGA:

Join the Party now

All that you wanted to learn this year, we have it on our Virtual Learning Environment. Join so many other learners now and do not compromise on your development. 


  • In-class experience with live sessions
  • Interactive Group Activities 
  • Class Setting with other learners
  • Online Labs 


  • Instructor presentation and Q&A
  • Public and Private Breakout sessions
  • Session Recordings
  • Online official Labs 


  • Choose Your Location
  • Choose Your Time zone
  • Select Your Device
  • Customer Support 

What’s next?

Choose our programs and contact us now. We are waiting for you to get in and start learning, now.