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Program Details

Mastering Digital Marketing

Course Description

A comprehensive training course of professionals seeking to achieve competitive advantage by understanding and implementing effective long-term digital marketing. This course is a foundation marketing course that forms a key part of the skill set required to be successful at eCommerce and selling online. Creating an eCommerce strategy and launching your online store is just the beginning - understanding internet marketing is essential too.


  • Internet marketing Associate course.

Course Outline

  • Day 1 : Focus on planning and acquisition
  • Day 2 : Getting Traffic
  • Day 3 : Online Marketing and acquisition
  • Day 4 : The power of merchandising and visual content

Exam Code/ Name

TS Exam

Course objectives

  • Learn how to create your digital marketing strategy and a and a specific framework by which to devise it.
  • Obtain deep understanding on the relevant key performance indicators to measure Digital Marketing success.
  • Understand the arsenal of tools available for you to promote your business or product using the most popular and effective digital and social media channels .
  • Analyze the impact of your social media strategy .
  • Discover ways to be able to adapt your digital marketing strategy in real-time.
  • Learn how to set a long-term digital content strategy, which will be maintained fresh with ideas whilst consistent in delivery .
  • Understand how to use digital marketing to drive commercial objectives and generate sales .
  • Mastering eCommerce Masterclass .
  • Mastering Marketplace Ecommerce.