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Program Details

Internet Marketing Associate Training

26th - 29th August 2019


This is a course designed to bring any individual up to speed on setting up and managing an end-to-end e-commerce business. Participants will become proficient on the high-tech and data-driven world of digital commerce – from understanding how to set their commercial strategy through to how to drive customer acquisition and growth, this course will provide them with toolkits which they can utilize to run their own digital businesses.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the different ‘retail’ channels and how customers interact with each
  • Identify key success factors for successful e-commerce
  • Discover the ideal customer experience in a multi-channel, multi-device world
  • Understand how different marketing mediums complement each other
  • Gauge the power of Digital Marketing and how it would be best applied for their business
  • Understand the difference between organic and paid media, well as the optimal techniques to promote their business across channels
  • Learn how success is measured and the KPIs for customer acquisition and retention
  • Appreciate how wider marketing activity impacts on the success of customer acquisition and retention
  • Think about how the best practice could be applied within their own organization